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Emergency Repairs

Emergency Response and Repairs: Call 800-447-6634

Commercial metal roofing systems are quite durable and perform well in a variety of rugged weather environments.  They can often stand up to some of the most severe weather conditions (i.e. harsh coastal winds, Midwest tornados, arctic winter snow and ice, driving hail storms, etc.).  However, it is often not the roof panel system, per se, that incurs the actual water breach, but rather a roof system component such as:

  1. ridge, rake, wall or transition flashings
  2. equipment curbs,
  3. HVAC or air handling covers
  4. pipe flashings
  5. gutter, valley gutter & downspout assemblies
  6. panel joints, etc. that fail as a result of a multitude of factors

Metal roof systems have a higher thermal coefficient of expansion and contraction than other traditional low-slope commercial roof systems.  This translates into elevated point stress loading where roof component to component and underlying structural support systems are fastened together.  Normal atmospheric induced thermal cycling continually acts on these joints, laps and flashings and can, over time, reduce the effectiveness of the fastening pre-load and cause migration of the internal seal – outward.  Failure of a roof system component can occur, at any time, when thermal shock forces or sudden wind perturbation pressures attack weakened roofing component interfaces. [Note: These conditions are significantly reduced with SSR Systems and proper maintenance]

Water Infiltration

In the event that you have a roof system water breach, and leakage into the building has created an emergency situation, National Roof has regionally placed Roof Technicians who can respond, troubleshoot and make temporary repairs.  Call 800-447-6634.

Physical Storm Damage

If your emergency is more than a water breach, and significant damage has occurred to the roof system components from nature’s wrath, National Roof has the crew and metal roofing materials to temporarily establish a water tight barrier and assist in preserving the valuable assets within your facility.  Call 800-447-6634.

National Roof has a corporate division partner, LifeTite Metal Products, with (3) strategically located, and automated with state of the art metal roll-forming and metal brake equipment.  These facilities can turn out roof system components to repair unique flashings and panels in great variety and in a very short turn time.  This allows for National Roof Coater crews to respond to storm damage and offer customer relief efforts with minimal delay.

Post Response Inspection and Assessment

  • National Roof will provide a professional “no cost” inspection and assessment on the building roof system and provide a detailed report that illustrates findings and proposes recommendations for the purpose of returning the system to a level of maintainability.
  • National Roof Coater professionals will use best practices and industry standards to evaluate and delineate any additional repairs or modifications that may be required per manufacturer specifications, post response and repair.

Routine Preventive Maintenance as a process to mitigate potential emergency leak events

National Roof encourages all building owners to seriously consider the advantages of enlisting a qualified professional to perform annual roof system inspections and the execution of preventive maintenance actions that will, in most cases, preclude circumstances that typically lead to an emergency “water breach” problem due to faulty and failing seals.

“An ounce of preventive will save a pound of expense”

Note: Although National Roof attempts to service all emergency situations we have a finite number of resources.  We typically give deference to current customers and those calling on a first come, first service basis.